Final Fantasy Confessions

If I would ever have a daughter, “Garnet” will be somewhere in her name.

2 years ago · Mar 25,2012 → 10 notes

These two should have had a love story in Dissidia. I’m sure they would have loved each other deeply.

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Why is it in the love triangle debates that fans worry about which girl is best or worst for Cloud? Has anybody thought about whether or not Cloud would be good for either of them? Why is he worth all the fuss?

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I would just like to remind everyone to read the submission guidelines before submitting anything! If you are to submit a ready-made confession, please make sure that the dimensions of the graphic are 500px in width and 250px in height (500 x 250). 

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I pity people who detest FFX-2 just because of the skimpy outfits and fancy music. Behind all that is a story of a true love. Yuna was willing to do anything and go anywhere just to be with Tidus. Only when you really love someone you’ll do anything for them, unconditionally.

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"I never had been a big fan of Cloti til’ I started living Tifa’s point of view."

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I wish Square Enix had given us a complete game instead of throwing us DLC every now and then.

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I’m terribly sorry about the lack of activity on this blog. ^^; However, we just got a new admin, Kev, so hopefully things will pick back up. 

Thanks to everyone that is still following us! 

- Masq

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I recently just lost someone who has been like a father to me for the last 20 years of my life. As corny as it sounds, playing FFX and watching all the flashbacks of Braska speaking to Yuna, telling her how proud he is of her and how much he loves her, as well as Yuna carrying out his will and continuing his legacy, helps me to deal with losing a father and be strong. Thank you, FFX.

2 years ago · Jan 26,2012 → 15 notes

It’s actually really annoying when people criticize small things, like a character that’s too happy, or something in one game that’s different from the others. Every single FF is just awesome in their own way, so these people should just stop overanalyzing everything and enjoy the freaking game.

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